About We Are Teachers

We Are Teachers is more than a website, it is a proud community of educators— 3 million strong—who share ideas, resources, and stories of the amazing things happening in classrooms around the country.

What We Believe

We’re in this together, advocating for educator voices to be heard, for better teacher pay and working conditions, and for a more sustainable and inclusive teaching profession.

At We Are Teachers, we believe: 

This Is One of the Best, Most Rewarding Jobs There Is

Teaching is facing immense challenges that need our attention. But it’s also the only job where we can see children become readers and writers, scientists and mathematicians. Where our words, actions, and relationships have the power to change lives. As teachers, our legacy is the future, and we take that obligation seriously.

Teachers Are the Real Education Experts 

Educators deserve a seat at the table when it comes to education policy and decision making. Nothing compares to time spent in a classroom working to meet the needs of different students, day after day, over and over again. Teachers know best, and our voices must be heard. 

Kids Are Individuals

Every child that shows up in our classrooms is unique. That’s why teachers need the freedom and trust to do what’s best for students. We’ll always support creativity, play, and hands-on exploration over scripted curriculum and one-size-fits-all assessments.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Are at the Heart of Our Work 

Our students need to read books about people who are like them and people who aren’t. They need curriculum that doesn’t discredit science or sugarcoat history. They need classrooms where they can be who they are. We believe in repairing school practices that uphold ableism, homophobia, racism, bigotry, discrimination, and transphobia. We believe in centering inclusive teaching and having the tough conversations. We’ll always go to bat for our students’ right to an equitable education and to personal expression. Above all, we believe in listening to and amplifying voices from the extremely diverse population of teachers, families, and students in this country to learn how we can improve education for ALL kids.

Everyone Deserves To Feel Safe at School 

Kids can’t learn under unsafe conditions. That’s why We Are Teachers supports stronger funding for deteriorating school buildings and for guidance counselors, mental health professionals, and school nurses, along with common-sense gun control measures to help end the epidemic of gun violence in our schools. 

Teachers Are Human 

We’ll never call teachers superheroes or say teaching is a calling. We believe that for too long, society has abused teachers’ time, money, and work-life boundaries. We believe that great teachers can love their jobs as well as their time off. We believe in working contract hours and taking vacation days. Save teacher weekends! 

Educators Should Be Paid Like Professionals 

Too many teachers can’t afford to live in the communities where they teach or have to take on side hustles to make ends meet. If we want to save public education and recruit more people to this immensely challenging and rewarding field, we need to increase teacher salaries. Period. 

You Are the Heart of We Are Teachers

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